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PublisHer Excellence Awards to Celebrate Visionary Women Pioneering the Publishing Industry

In a resounding tribute to the remarkable contributions of women in the publishing realm, the PublisHer Excellence Awards were unveiled by Sheikha Bodour Al Qasimi. The awards, a crucial facet of PublisHer’s mission to honor and empower female publishers, aim to spotlight their leadership and transformative impact.

Sheikha Bodour expressed, “In my experience, women are very good at forming support groups and lifting each other up — despite the tropes that say otherwise. Think of the PublisHer Excellence Awards as an extension of that support — we want to celebrate, elevate, and encourage women who cut their own paths and light the way forward through their resilience, ingenuity, and vision.”

These distinguished awards will be conferred in three categories. The Lifetime Achievement Award will recognize a trailblazing publishing luminary with a career spanning a minimum of two decades, who has left an indelible mark on the industry. The Emerging Leader Award will celebrate a young publishing prodigy, aged 35 or less, who has exhibited extraordinary leadership, forward-thinking vision, and a drive for positive transformation.

Additionally, the Innovation Award will honor any woman who has pioneered an innovative contribution to the publishing domain. This may encompass areas such as storytelling and content curation, editorial leadership, pioneering management strategies, fostering company culture, and devising groundbreaking marketing campaigns, among others.

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