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Israeli Occupation Forces Launch Large-Scale Arrest Campaign in West Bank, Detaining Dozens

In a significant operation, Israeli occupation forces carried out a large-scale arrest campaign across the West Bank. Reports from the Palestinian news agency (WAFA) indicate that a total of 64 Palestinians, including individuals who had previously been released from detention, were apprehended in various parts of the occupied West Bank.

The arrests included 13 individuals in Hebron, and another 12 in Ramallah, among whom were freed prisoners. Additionally, 11 Palestinians in Jerusalem were detained after their homes were raided and searched.

Furthermore, eight individuals were arrested in Bethlehem, with an additional 11 apprehended in Nablus, Qalqilya, and Tulkarm. This ongoing series of arrests and incursions by Israeli forces in various regions of occupied Jerusalem and the West Bank has led to confrontations with Palestinians, often involving the use of live ammunition, rubber bullets, and gas bombs.

The frequency of these assaults has surged in the wake of the unprecedented Israeli aggression on Gaza Strip that commenced on October 7, resulting in a significant loss of life and numerous injuries, predominantly among children and women.

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