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Positive Development in Silkyara Tunnel Rescue: Debris Cleared for Manual Drilling

In a positive turn of events, Micro tunneling expert Chris Cooper reported that all debris from the auger machine inside the Silkyara Tunnel collapse site has been successfully removed. This development paves the way for the initiation of manual drilling to reach the trapped workers. The auger machine, which encountered metal rods and construction vehicles, was cut and removed, and now the focus shifts to manual drilling for the remaining 9 meters. The former Army Engineer-in-Chief, Lieutenant General Harpal Singh (Retd), emphasized the necessity of the manual method, stating that there is no alternative left to reach the trapped workers. A team of specialists, including Army engineers and civilians, is set to undertake the manual drilling, employing the rat hole mining technique commonly used in challenging terrains. Additionally, efforts are underway to enter from the other end of the tunnel, and plans include building a mini tunnel along the left side perpendicular to the Silkyara tunnel. The collaborative rescue operation involves multiple agencies, including the Border Road Organization and SJVN, with the aim of expediting the rescue process.

The Silkyara Tunnel collapse incident occurred on November 12, trapping 41 laborers inside the under-construction structure.

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