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Oliv: Pioneering Job Opportunities for Young Graduates

Securing that crucial first job after graduation can be a daunting task for young professionals. Enter Oliv, a UAE-based startup dedicated to helping young talents kickstart their careers in renowned local and international companies.

Focused on individuals below 30 in the Gulf region and Pakistan, Oliv operates as a recruitment platform specializing in internships, freelance, and remote work opportunities. Adeel Abid, Chief Business Officer at Oliv, explained, “Students who are in the final years of university and those who have just graduated with two to four years of experience and looking for jobs or internships can use our platform. We specialize in providing job opportunities to people under the age of 30 and work with big brands such as Careem, Sephora, Sony, and many others.”

Oliv boasts an impressive roster of 500,000 registered candidates and a database featuring over 10,000 employers spanning the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and other GCC countries. Notable companies like Sephora, Careem, Samsung, Canon, Johnson’s, and Bose are part of the platform’s portfolio.

Moreover, Oliv offers candidates the chance to enhance their skills through interactive master classes and learning programs. Upon completion, participants receive a valuable certificate. Additionally, Oliv provides complimentary resources for CV writing and interview preparation. This innovative platform is poised to revolutionize the way young graduates approach their career journeys.

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