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New Delhi Implements License Plate-Based Driving Bans to Tackle Air Pollution Crisis

New Delhi has introduced license plate-based driving bans, alternating between odd and even-numbered plates, for a week starting November 13 to combat severe air pollution levels. Heavy vehicles have also been prohibited, with exceptions for essential services. The city has recently experienced hazardous air quality conditions, prompting emergency measures like suspending educational institutions, restricting construction activities, and promoting public transportation use. The Supreme Court of India is scheduled to address the pollution issue on November 7, where regional authorities will present progress reports and measures taken to address the crisis.

New Delhi’s adoption of license plate-based driving bans is a targeted measure aimed at reducing vehicular pollution, a significant contributor to the city’s severe air quality issues. This approach has been employed periodically in response to environmental crises. The heavy vehicle ban, coupled with other emergency protocols, highlights the urgency of the situation. Such interventions demonstrate the need for proactive measures to address air quality concerns and promote sustainable urban transportation solutions. The upcoming hearing in the Supreme Court underscores the high-level attention and concerted efforts to combat the pollution crisis in New Delhi.

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