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Nepal Airlifts 253 Students Amid Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict

Foreign Minister Leads Effort to Bring Nepali Students Home

As the conflict between Israel and Hamas intensifies, Nepal has initiated a rescue mission to bring back its students from the region. Nepal Airlines successfully airlifted 253 Nepali students on a rescue flight, led by Foreign Minister NP Saud. A total of 274 passengers, including Minister Saud, departed from Tribhuvan International Airport in an Airbus 330 aircraft. This decision follows a cabinet meeting that authorized the Foreign Minister to oversee the return of those who expressed the desire to come back.

One Nepali student’s whereabouts are yet to be confirmed, and authorities are employing all available resources in the search efforts. Two Nepali students injured in a Hamas attack have been discharged from the hospital, while two others remain under medical supervision.

This action from the Nepal government comes in the aftermath of a tragic incident where ten Nepali students lost their lives in Kibbutz near the Gaza border. They were targeted by Hamas terrorists in an attack that occurred on October 7. The students were in Israel as part of a 10-month internship program in the agricultural sector.

The conflict has claimed over 1300 lives, primarily civilians, with more than 3000 individuals sustaining injuries. The IDF (Israel Defense Forces) spokesperson has reported the deployment of about 300,000 soldiers along the Gaza border, emphasizing their commitment to neutralizing Hamas’s military capabilities by the conclusion of the counter-offensive.

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