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Ministries of Health and Labor Collaborate on Training Program for Healthcare Careers

A program to qualify and train 620 job seekers in nursing and related medical vocations within the training program paired with employment was signed by the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Labor at the Ministry’s General Office.

 The program was signed on behalf of the Ministry of Health by Her Excellency Dr. Fatima bint Muhammad Al-Ajmi, Undersecretary of the Ministry for Administrative, Financial Affairs and Planning, and on behalf of the Ministry of Labor by His Excellency Sayyid Salem bin Muslim Al Busaidi, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Labor for Human Resources Development.

The initiative intends to increase collaboration between the two parties in the area of employment-related training, develop and strengthen the abilities of health sector professionals, and offer long-term employment prospects for young people interested in operational training in this field.

 The program also includes a number of initiatives and training programs aimed at enhancing the skills of young people and preparing them for the health sector labor market in collaboration with educational and training institutions, by employing national cadres with bachelor’s degrees and university diplomas, and enrolling them in the training program in government health institutions.

This initiative, according to the Ministry of Health’s Undersecretary for Administrative, Financial Affairs, and Planning, would help raise the standard of healthcare services offered to the public by educating and advancing the capabilities of healthcare workers. Young individuals who want to work in the healthcare industry can benefit from it by having more employment options.

 Technical oversight of the training program will also be provided by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health will also implement the training program within the predetermined time frame and prepare periodic follow-up reports for the contractors to assess trainee performance.

The government’s commitment to growing the health sector and giving young people employment opportunities is reflected in the program, according to the undersecretary of the ministry of labor for human resources development. The ministry of labor has also stated that it will provide the necessary support for the training and rehabilitation projects that will be implemented as part of this program.

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