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LuLu Group Launches Humanitarian Relief Campaign for Palestine, Sends First Aid Batch

LuLu Group International provides 50 tonnes of aid, including food, medicines, blankets, and hygiene products, in partnership with the Egyptian Red Crescent.

In a significant move, Abu Dhabi-based LuLu Group International, a prominent regional retailer, has initiated a humanitarian relief campaign to support war-affected people in Palestine. The group’s Egyptian unit has delivered the first batch of aid, consisting of 50 tonnes of essential items such as food products, medicines, blankets, and hygiene products, to the Egyptian Red Crescent authorities.

Dr. Rami Al Nazer, Chief Executive Officer of the Egyptian Red Crescent, commended the efforts of LuLu Group Chairman and Managing Director MA Yusuffali for timely and substantial support to the Palestinian cause. Dr. Al Nazer expressed gratitude for the new partnership with LuLu Group, emphasizing that the aid is tailored to meet the specific needs and priorities of the Palestinian people.

LuLu Group’s aid, coordinated with the Egyptian Red Crescent, includes a comprehensive range of relief materials. The first convoy carrying 50 tonnes of aid departed to El Arish and will undergo standard procedures to reach Palestinians in need.

LuLu Group’s Director (Egypt and Bahrain) Juzer Rupawala, Regional Director Husefa Qureshi, and LuLu Egypt Manager Hatim Sayeed handed over the aid to Dr. Al Nazer.

Expressing the urgency of the situation, Hatim Sayeed stated, “We are launching this cooperation because the people of Palestine need our help now more than ever. This cooperation confirms our social responsibility and solidarity with the people of Palestine during these difficult humanitarian conditions.”

LuLu Group is actively participating in the UAE’s ‘Tarahum for Gaza’ relief campaign and has established special aid centers at various LuLu hypermarkets to collect and dispatch aid materials in collaboration with the Emirates Red Crescent. The group has been engaged in similar initiatives with humanitarian agencies in other Gulf countries, exemplified by its recent donation of 25,000 Bahraini dinars to the Royal Humanitarian Foundation in Bahrain, supporting the Bahrain National Campaign.

LuLu Group’s commitment to humanitarian efforts aligns with its role as a responsible corporate entity, contributing to relief campaigns and addressing critical needs in regions affected by conflict and crisis.

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