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Legal Action Taken Against Car Agents, Distributors, and More for Competition Law Violations

The Saudi General Authority for Competition (GAC) has taken substantial legal action against several establishments for violating the Competition Law. The authority conducted extensive investigations, resulting in the initiation of criminal cases against 43 car agents and distributors, as well as 24 establishments in various sectors.

In the automotive industry, the GAC reviewed 128 investigations against 70 establishments. It has decided to take legal action against 43 of them and is continuing investigations into others within the sector. Additionally, the GAC approved settlement requests from four establishments in the contracting sector. Measures were taken against nine establishments, including rectifying their status and discontinuing pricing agreements. Criminal lawsuits were filed against three establishments for suspected violations of the Competition Law.

The GAC also conducted investigations in sectors like information technology, where it identified suspected collusion in projects totaling SR7.7 million, leading to the filing of criminal lawsuits against six establishments. In other sectors, like healthcare and manufacturing, the authority took similar legal measures against firms suspected of bid collusion and price fixing.

Furthermore, the GAC addressed an agreement between major pharmacies and retail markets regarding the pricing of a health product for children. Lawsuits were filed against the establishments involved on suspicion of violating the law.

The board of directors of the authority has also decided to initiate investigations, gather evidence, and take appropriate measures against establishments suspected of violating various articles of the Competition Law in diverse economic activities. These include professional, scientific, and technical activities, information and communications, as well as accommodation and food services.

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