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Indian Air Force Leads Massive Evacuation Effort in Flood-Affected Sikkim

The Indian Air Force (IAF) has conducted a successful evacuation operation, rescuing over 1700 individuals in flood-ravaged Sikkim, according to IAF officials on Saturday. The relief operations, which have seen the deployment of Chinook and Mi-17 V5 helicopters, continue unabated to assist the affected population.

To bolster relief efforts, over 200 personnel have been introduced into the area via IAF helicopters. These aircraft have also delivered nearly 99 tonnes of vital relief supplies through 200 sorties conducted thus far. The IAF reiterates its commitment to continue operations until the needs of the affected communities are met.

Earlier, the IAF had strategically positioned Mi-17 V5, CH-47 Chinooks, and Cheetah helicopters to aid in relief operations. These efforts aim to evacuate individuals stranded in remote areas and deliver essential supplies to regions cut off by the floods.

As of the latest report from the Sikkim State Disaster Management Authority (SSDMA) on October 11, the death toll stood at 37, with an additional 78 individuals reported as missing. The bursting of the Lhonak glacier in the Sikkim Himalayas on October 3 led to the escalation of water levels in Teesta, resulting in extensive flooding and leaving numerous individuals stranded, including thousands of tourists.

The flash floods caused significant disruptions in Sikkim, causing damage to footbridges, roads, and other critical infrastructure. The ongoing IAF rescue and relief operations play a vital role in stabilizing the situation and providing crucial aid to the affected population.

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