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Hungary’s PM Viktor Orbán Highlights Mass Migration as Key Issue in European Parliamentary Elections

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has emphasized that mass migration will be a key battleground during the upcoming European parliamentary elections. Orbán claimed that the migration policies of liberal governments in Western Europe have increased the terror threat on the continent. He referred to a recently declassified secret service report on migration, stating that it supports Hungary’s assessment that “migration and terrorism go hand in hand.” Orbán reaffirmed his government’s commitment to cracking down on illegal immigration for national security reasons.

Orbán warned about the increasing aggression of migrants attempting to breach Hungary’s southern border fence, attributing the growing radicalization to terrorist organizations. He criticized Brussels for its leadership, threatening the EU’s core goals of peace and prosperity, and called for urgent reform. The Hungarian leader expressed concerns about the formation of ghettos within existing communities and emphasized the need for a change in migration policy in Brussels.

Orbán accused Brussels of being influenced by a globalist elite and financial groups, making decisions in their interests. He highlighted the importance of addressing the migration issue in the European elections and called for national unity in Hungary on this matter.

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