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Heavy Rain and Thunderstorms Disrupt Flights at Major Middle Eastern Airports

Heavy rain and thunderstorms early on Friday caused significant disruptions to flights at major Middle Eastern airports, impacting travel plans for tens of thousands of passengers. Dubai International (DXB), one of the world’s busiest airports and a vital global transit hub, experienced disruptions, leading to diversions and cancellations.

A spokesperson for Dubai Airports reported that, as of 10 am UAE time (06:00 GMT), 13 inbound flights were diverted to neighboring airports, while six outbound flights were canceled. The airport authorities are actively collaborating with airlines, control authorities, and service partners at DXB to minimize inconvenience for passengers and swiftly address the situation.

In addition to Dubai, Doha Airport faced operational challenges due to a severe thunderstorm that halted operations from 10.25 pm to midnight on Thursday night. Approximately 18 inbound flights were diverted to seven different airports, including Riyadh, during the night. Not a single flight departed on time between 9.45 pm on Thursday and 5.15 am on Friday, affecting around 120 outbound flights at Doha Airport.

Both Dubai and Doha are critical aviation hubs in the Middle East, serving as major transit points for passengers traveling globally. The disruptions highlight the impact that adverse weather conditions can have on air travel, leading to a domino effect of delays and diversions. Authorities at these airports are actively managing the situation and coordinating efforts to minimize disruptions and ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.

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