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Fruitful Discussions Continue: UAE Hosts Key Talks on Export Controls and Sanctions

On September 5, top officials from the United States, the United Kingdom, and the European Union convened in the United Arab Emirates to talk about export restrictions and the trading of possible dual-use goods. Constructive discussions from February 2023 are advanced by the visit.

Erik Woodhouse, Deputy Assistant Secretary for Counter Threat Finance and Sanctions, Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs, David O’Sullivan, International Special Envoy for the Implementation of EU Sanctions, and Kumar Iyer, Director General of Economics, Science, and Technology of the Foreign Commonwealth Development Office (FCDO), met with representatives from the Executive Office for Control and Nonproliferation, the International Atomic Energy Agency, and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

In addition to giving both parties a chance to discuss their different sanctions policies and lay out future plans for tightening cooperation, the meetings gave the UAE a chance to give a briefing on the export control mechanism in their country.

The UAE welcomes the chance to build on the fruitful discussions held in February to strengthen our partnership and coordination on export controls and sanctions regimes, according to Saeed Al Hajeri, Assistant Minister for Economic and Trade Affairs at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “As one of the world’s most significant trade and investment hubs, the UAE welcomes the opportunity to build on the fruitful conversations held in February,” he added.

The visit provided a chance to showcase the UAE’s export control structure and to describe in detail the systems in place, both of which were clear and reliable. The export of dual-use items is continually under observation in the UAE, which has a regulatory framework for export control. We reaffirmed our dedication to maintaining a close line of communication with our global allies.

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