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Dubai Taxi Corporation Utilizes AI for Enhanced Driver and Vehicle Performance Monitoring

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) has implemented artificial intelligence to oversee the activities of its extensive fleet, consisting of 14,500 drivers and 7,200 vehicles. This cutting-edge technology is being employed at the DTC control center, enabling real-time tracking of various vehicles, including taxis, limousines, school buses, public buses, and motorcycles.

The control center plays a pivotal role in assisting DTC, a subsidiary of the Dubai Roads and Transport Authority, in efficiently managing taxis and public transportation services, particularly during events and in areas of high demand. Ammar Al Braiki, the Director of Fleet Operations at DTC, emphasized the center’s role in facilitating rapid and effective decision-making for senior management.

Moreover, the AI system closely monitors drivers’ conduct and records vehicle routes, encompassing a diverse range of vehicles, such as 1,000 school buses, 600 delivery motorcycles, and 400 limousines. Particular emphasis is placed on overseeing school bus trips to ensure the safety and punctuality of pupils’ journeys to and from school.

The control center not only monitors the operations of 5,200 taxis but also provides essential support to drivers, addresses their requirements, and evaluates daily vehicle movement efficiency. This strategic integration of AI technology stands as a testament to DTC’s commitment to enhancing operational excellence and ensuring the safety of passengers and drivers alike.

In a related development, Dubai introduced a state-of-the-art high-tech bus equipped with an array of smart features, including surveillance cameras, systems to prevent the inadvertent leaving of a child on board, and real-time monitoring of pupil movement during transit. The incorporation of cutting-edge technology further exemplifies Dubai’s dedication to ensuring the highest standards of safety and efficiency in its public transportation system.

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