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Dubai Future Forum Hosts Futuristic Food Tasting Featuring Lab-Grown Delicacies

Dubai Future Forum hosted a groundbreaking food tasting session titled “Putting the Future of Food to the Taste Test,” offering 30 selected visitors a unique experience of sampling animal-free and lab-grown alternatives. The event showcased a range of products, from cheesecake to chocolate, all produced through innovative technologies.

One notable highlight was Formo’s lab-made cheese, crafted using precision fermentation, making it lactose-free and animal-free. Visitors expressed delight at the quality and taste of the cheese varieties, including feta, brie, cream cheese, and scrambled eggs. Formo aims to bring these products to the local market by the end of the next year, with interest already noted from local companies.

California Cultured presented lab-grown chocolate, using plant cell culture technology to replicate the characteristics of natural cocoa and coffee. The dark and milk chocolate varieties impressed tasters, closely resembling their traditional counterparts.

The tasting session also featured meatballs made from cultured meat, offering a sustainable alternative to traditional meat products. While the taste was described as slightly nutty and resembling lamb, it was seen as a promising option for those seeking a healthier and more environmentally friendly choice.

The futuristic food tasting event provided attendees with a glimpse into the possibilities of lab-grown alternatives, showcasing the intersection of technology, sustainability, and culinary innovation. The positive feedback from participants indicates a growing interest in embracing these alternatives for a more sustainable and ethical food future.

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