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Dubai Airshow Set to Trigger Surge in Aircraft Orders

The Dubai Airshow, scheduled from November 13 to 17, is expected to witness a flurry of aircraft orders as airlines seek to secure delivery slots for the latest fuel-efficient jets amid the post-COVID-19 boom in air travel. Analysts estimate that orders could range from 300 to more than 400 aircraft this year, with key players like Emirates and flydubai likely to make significant announcements. The air show is significant as it comes amid a strong recovery in air travel demand, boosting airline profits to record levels.

Key Highlights:

  • The Dubai Airshow could witness orders ranging from 300 to over 400 aircraft.
  • Emirates is expected to make significant announcements, including wide-body aircraft orders.
  • Sister airline flydubai is in discussions for a new order of narrow-body aircraft.
  • UAE-listed Air Arabia is close to deciding on an engine for the Airbus A320 family of jets.
  • Airbus and Boeing will vie for the highest number of commercial jet deals.
  • Global leaders in aerospace, space, and defense industries will gather for the event.
  • Supply chain challenges and sustainability goals will be key topics of discussion.
  • Political unrest, fuel costs, and logistical hurdles pose challenges to the industry’s growth.

The air show is anticipated to showcase the aviation industry’s resilience and adaptability amid challenges like supply chain disruptions, geopolitical events, and economic uncertainties.


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