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Delhi High Court Clears Extradition of Accused in Omani Family Murder Case

The Delhi High Court has upheld a trial court order recommending the extradition of a man accused of murdering an Omani family, including three children, back to Oman. The decision, issued on Friday, marks a significant development in the case that dates back to July 2019 when the heinous crime occurred. The accused, who had fled to India after the incident, faces trial in Oman as per the extradition treaty between India and Oman.

In July 2019, an Omani family, comprising a national and his wife along with three minors, was tragically murdered. The accused, identified and arrested in September 2019, had fled to India after committing the premeditated murders. The charges against him fall under Section 302A of the Oman Penal Code.

The accused had challenged the trial court’s order recommending his extradition to Oman. However, the Delhi High Court, in its decision on Friday, dismissed the plea, affirming the extradition process. The court held that murder was an extraditable offense under the existing treaty between India and Oman.

The High Court noted that despite being given the opportunity, the accused failed to present any evidence in his defense. The court emphasized that defenses could be raised during the trial in the requesting country, addressing concerns about a fair trial. The decision was based on a prima facie case established by the evidence provided by Oman.

Recognizing concerns about ensuring a fair trial, the Centre engaged in discussions with Omani authorities. Assurances were sought regarding a fair trial, provision of free legal aid, and interpreter services to ensure the accused’s rights were protected during the legal proceedings in Oman.

The Delhi High Court’s decision to uphold the extradition order paves the way for the accused to face trial in Oman for the horrific crime committed in 2019. This legal development underscores the commitment to justice and cooperation between India and Oman in addressing cross-border criminal cases. The accused, having exhausted legal avenues in India, will now be subject to the legal process in Oman, ensuring accountability for the tragic loss of life in the Omani family.

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