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Beeah Spearheads World’s First Waste-to-Hydrogen Plant in Joint Agreement

Sharjah-based waste management firm Beeah, in collaboration with Chinook Hydrogen and Air Water Gas Solutions, has signed a joint development agreement (JDA) to create the world’s inaugural commercial-scale waste-to-hydrogen plant in the UAE. The project builds on the success of Beeah’s waste-to-hydrogen demonstration plant, showcasing an innovative, carbon-negative solution for generating green hydrogen from various organic waste sources, including Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), non-recyclable plastics, and wood waste.

The demonstration plant, connected to a Toyota fuel-cell unit, highlights the carbon-negative process that transforms organic-based waste into super green hydrogen. The new joint agreement aims to take this technology to commercial scale, contributing to Beeah’s mission of achieving zero-waste to landfill and fostering a circular economy. The project aligns with the UAE’s Net-Zero by 2050 Pathway and supports the country’s National Hydrogen Strategy 2050, which envisions producing 1.4 million tonnes of hydrogen annually by 2031.

Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Beeah, expressed enthusiasm for achieving waste-to-hydrogen on a commercial scale, emphasizing the potential for replication in countries worldwide. The initiative not only addresses waste challenges but also provides an economically and environmentally attractive solution for hydrogen production.

The waste-to-hydrogen plant benefits from Chinook Hydrogen’s patented RODECS pyrolysis technology, capable of processing a wide range of organic-based waste to produce syngas. The plant, using advanced hydrogen refinement technology from Air Water Gas Solutions, yields high-purity, fuel-cell-grade hydrogen for various applications. Notably, the process is carbon negative, capturing and storing carbon dioxide from the syngas.

Beeah’s waste management complex, comprising 12 facilities, has contributed to a regional landfill waste diversion record of 90%. The addition of the waste-to-hydrogen plant marks another significant step in Beeah’s commitment to total landfill waste diversion in Sharjah.

The initiative is a strategic move toward reducing emissions in the waste management sector, decarbonizing transportation, and positioning the UAE as a major hydrogen hub in line with its national strategy. The collaboration underscores the potential for sustainable waste management solutions to drive innovation in renewable energy and contribute to global efforts in combating climate change.

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