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Anticipated Drop in Temperatures Signals Transition from Summer to Autumn in the UAE

According to Dr. Ahmed Habib from the National Centre of Meteorology (NCM), the temperatures in the UAE are projected to decrease by three to four degrees, with the change becoming noticeable by October 15. This shift will predominantly affect nighttime and early morning weather conditions.

Dr. Habib stated, “The temperature will dip by three to four degrees this month with the night being cold. This will start happening by mid-October when people will start noticing a change in weather both during the night and early in the mornings.”

October represents a transitional period between summer and winter, characterized by rapid and distinct changes in weather conditions. During this month, temperatures significantly decrease, especially in the latter half of the month compared to September.

In October, relative humidity is typically high in the early morning, gradually decreasing as the sun rises, and then increasing again after sunset. Mean relative humidity reaches approximately 51 percent, with an increased likelihood of fog formation, particularly during midnights and early mornings.

Dr. Habib emphasized, “The frequency of fog or mist will increase this month with relative humidity increase over the land. So, there is a high chance of fog formation. If you are affected by unstable weather conditions, it will be windy, and the country may experience rainfall. It depends on the pressure system affecting the in-surface and upper layers.”

He clarified that while the nights may start feeling cooler, it does not signify the onset of winter. During autumn, weather conditions transition swiftly from stability to instability. The second transitional period months, as Dr. Habib explained, are characterized by these rapid changes.

He also mentioned that the Indian monsoon weakens towards the end of the month, and the influence of the Siberian high-pressure system becomes noticeable. Eastern regions experience increased cloud cover, including the formation of Cumulonimbus clouds.

By mid-October, the UAE is expected to become greener as the rainy Al Wasem season typically commences.

Dr. Habib noted that although fog is anticipated to increase in the coming days, no rain or windy conditions are forecasted in the immediate future.

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