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ADIHEX 2023: A Celebration of Tradition, Sustainability, and Equestrian Excellence

The Abu Dhabi International Hunting and Equestrian Exhibition (ADIHEX 2023), which is being held at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center from September 2 to September 8 and is being organized by the Emirates Falconers Club under the theme “Sustainability and Heritage in a Renewed Spirit,” is currently featuring performances by Indian and African art groups in addition to equestrian displays from the UAE and the Sultanate of Oman.

The Arabian Saluki Beauty Contest, the Arabian Camel Auction, and heritage shows organized by the Emirates Arabian Horse Association are just a few of the fascinating events taking place in the show arena. These events are sponsored by the Advanced Scientific Group and the Arabian Saluki Centre and the Emirates Falconers Club.

Additionally, the International Kennel Federation will offer a combined presentation on the various dog breeds to describe their characteristics, abilities, and fitness levels. In collaboration with Kaber Stables and the Mamlouk Shooting Company, the exhibition arena also includes the art of horseback fencing, shooting, traditional archery, and traditional archery on horseback. The traditional horse show known as “tshouleeb,” which is performed in the Emirati language to poetic music, is a legacy of the country. The rider performs either alone or with other riders, accompanied by music and improvised rhymes that flow with the motion of the horses. Its purpose is to inspire in its riders a spirit of warlike fervor and determination to drive away the adversary.

One noteworthy folk art form is the traditional Omani horse exhibition. The Hashma gallop portion, the Humble and Tahurib segments, and the arrival of both male and female knights riding horses all serve to illustrate the Sultanate’s rich history. Various Indian performances, including Indian classical and folk dance, are included in the category of “Indian traditional dances.” Indian culture, its diversity, and richness are taught to tourists. The performing arts of Africa are highlighted by a group of drummers who play various kinds of African drums. Most of the time, the audience can be seen maintaining pace with what is going on in front of them. Of course, it offers a window into the music and culture of Africa.

Focus, fortitude, and determination are necessary for bow and arrow archery. For both experts and beginners, the UAE Bow and Arrow Federation is hosting this activity at ADIHEX. It is a demanding activity, but in addition to being a mental and physical workout, it teaches good manners and how to be calm and focused. Equestrian archery, which involves using the conventional bow and arrow while mounted, is practiced at Kaber and Mamlouk Shooting Stables as an example. The Dhabyan Equestrian Club, Sports Academy, and the All of us with People of Determination Association (AWPOD) are working together to organize a gymkhana event for young people with drive. There are expert demonstrations regarding the advantages of equine-assisted treatment for willful patients.

The birds fly in sequence with practiced motions during a bird show, which is performed by a trainer who interacts with the birds. They also do tricks for the audience and engage with them. It is a fantastic edutainment opportunity and a terrific way to discover more about various bird species and their lifestyle! Participants from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, Oman, Egypt, and Syria are among the nations represented in a special area highlighting the craft of making handcrafted saddles. They show the audience the splendor of this ancient craft, which is steeped in history and tradition.

Saggaf Abdillah Al Hashmi, an artist from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi, has devoted his life to the arts and has experience in business administration. His love for the arts has inspired him to concentrate on portraying leaders and horses, which serve as a reminder of the motivational messages of the country’s leaders. Horses, with their exquisite forms and powerful movements, are something the artist has a special affinity for depicting. The intimate bond between Emiratis and Arabian horses is also celebrated via creative expression. In order to honor the beauty and purity of the beautiful animals, a group of Emirati amateur artists contributes paintings and other works of art to ADIHEX.

Teeb Al Barri, a committed mother to her two gifted children, Alfai and Hamad, is a participant in Fayoonah Kids World. The siblings’ outstanding accomplishments at such young ages are what distinguish this family’s narrative as special. The Lost Rabbit, a children’s book by Alfai Almarzooqi, who is just four years old, is the youngest book ever published. Hamad AlMarzooqi, the youngest slime chef, is a three-year-old who has distinguished himself in a special way. Inspiring attention has been drawn to his love for making vibrant and entertaining slime. The Oriental Wind series will be on display when Tiana Fine Art makes its ADIHEX 2023 debut. Tetiana Kruchynina, a visual artist, is presently welcoming onlookers to view her works of art. By fusing conventional creative practices with a contemporary perspective, Kruchynina specializes in decorative arts.

Palestine is invited by the Emirate of Abu Dhabi to promote their unique culture, tradition, food, and other things every year. This year, Saed L. Shomali, a famous wildlife photographer, highlighted the importance of sustainability. Saed has committed his efforts to educating people about the biodiversity of Palestine, with a special emphasis on the region’s amazing birds. She is the author of eleven books, each of which is devoted to painstakingly capturing the fascinating and diverse birdlife that abounds in Palestine and motivating conservation initiatives.

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