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Arab World Celebrates Dr. Al Neyadi’s Historic Space Journey

Sultan Al Neyadi, an astronaut from the United Arab Emirates, said he is “ready for his next mission” after returning to Earth following a six-month stay on the International Space Station (ISS).Dr. Al Neyadi was in “great health,” according to Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre (MBRSC) director general Salem Al Marri, who wrote in a social media post on Wednesday.

Before returning to the UAE to be greeted as a hero, the Emirati astronaut is now in Houston, Texas, getting medical attention.Dr. Al Neyadi spent six months on the ISS and returned to Earth on Monday in a SpaceX spacecraft after a 17-hour flight.This was the first long-term mission for the Arab world and the UAE’s second human space voyage. The first Arab astronaut to do a spacewalk was Dr. Al Neyadi.

Wednesday morning, Dr. Al Neyadi published his first message following his return to Earth.Dr. Al Neyadi landed off the coast of Jacksonville, Florida, at 8:17 a.m. UAE time on September 4, saying, “I write to you with gravity under my feet and warmth in my heart from all the love and support you all have shared.”

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