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Abu Dhabi Municipality Conducts Extensive Inspections on Beauty and Hair Salons for Health and Safety Compliance

Abu Dhabi Municipality recently conducted a comprehensive ten-day inspection of women’s beauty centers, children’s salons, and men’s salons to ensure compliance with health and safety standards. The objective of the inspection was to verify that these establishments maintain cleanliness, adhere to health standards, and prioritize the sterilization of equipment. Officials reviewed the premises for potential violations, emphasizing the importance of health awareness and personal hygiene among staff members.

Inspectors checked the expiration dates of materials used in services, ensuring the provision of effective sterilization equipment. Salon owners and employees found to be in violation of health and safety rules face hefty fines of up to Dh5,000. The teams also educated salon employees on the hazards associated with using tools without proper sterilization.

Attention was given to the thorough cleaning and maintenance of shaving instruments, with an emphasis on replacing old and used tools. Salons were warned against using substandard cosmetic products and were instructed to adhere to the specified guidelines from competent authorities.

In children’s salons, additional measures were implemented, including verifying the licensing of hair softening and coloring products, ensuring the regular cleaning of toys and tools, and storing towels in designated areas or opting for single-use alternatives. Employees were instructed to maintain proper hygiene, wear disposable gloves, and clean tools with approved products after each use.

The inspections also focused on cosmetic devices, emphasizing their proper classification according to health authority procedures and the need for staff training on their correct usage.

Overall, the initiative aimed to promote health and safety practices in beauty and hair salons, ensuring a safe and hygienic environment for customers and employees alike.

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