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UAE Receives Second Batch of Injured Palestinian Children for Treatment

In a humanitarian mission, the UAE has welcomed the second batch of Palestinian children injured in the ongoing conflict in Gaza. Khaleej Times reported on the initiative, detailing the arrival of a flight from Abu Dhabi at Al Arish international airport in Egypt. The mission involved evacuating the children, who suffered from various war-related injuries, and bringing them to the UAE for treatment at Emirati hospitals.

The children, with injuries ranging from fractures to burns and some battling cancer, were met by medical volunteers upon arrival at Al Arish airport. The evacuation process involved careful coordination, with medical professionals checking and stabilizing the patients before loading them onto the plane.

The initiative was prompted by an urgent directive from UAE President His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, who ordered medical treatment for 1,000 Palestinian children from Gaza. The UAE has also offered to treat 1,000 cancer patients affected by the collapse of the healthcare system in Gaza due to ongoing conflicts.

One touching story from the mission highlighted a young Palestinian named Mohammed, who fulfilled his dream of coming to the UAE but as a bystander accompanying his cousin, Mohammed Anwar, who suffered a spinal injury in the Gaza bombardment. The boys, among the last surviving members of their family, evacuated from southern Gaza and are now in the UAE for Anwar’s surgery.

Volunteers played a crucial role in ensuring the smooth transportation of the injured children, overcoming challenges and coordinating efforts to provide necessary medical care. The UAE plans to continue these efforts with more flights transporting injured Gazan children to receive treatment in the country. The initiative reflects the UAE’s commitment to humanitarian aid and providing medical support to those affected by conflicts in the region.

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