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UAE Introduces New AED500 Banknote in Preparation for COP28 and National Day Celebrations

As the United Arab Emirates (UAE) gears up to host COP28 and celebrate its 52nd National Day, the Central Bank of the UAE has unveiled a new AED500 polymer banknote. As part of the third issuance of the national currency project, the banknote features distinctive designs and advanced security features.

The design of the banknote reflects the UAE’s commitment to sustainability, its pioneering development approach, global role, climate action initiatives, and continuous dedication to advancing sustainable solutions. This aligns with the country’s recognition by the international community, evident in its being awarded the hosting of COP28.

The front side of the banknote showcases the bold architecture of the Terra Sustainability Pavilion in Expo City, Dubai. On the reverse side, attention is drawn to the Museum of the Future in Dubai, symbolizing a connection between the past and future as an architectural and engineering marvel. Iconic landmarks such as the Emirates Towers and the Burj Khalifa are also featured.

In a strategic move toward sustainability, the banknote is made of polymer material, ensuring durability and reducing its environmental impact. The material is fully recyclable, making it two or more times more durable than traditional banknotes.

The aesthetic features of the AED500 banknote include harmonious blue shades for easy identification, fluorescent blue markings representing the UAE nation brand, and intricate drawings and engravings using advanced intaglio printing techniques. The banknote incorporates multicolored security chip technology known as KINEGRAM COLORS, making the UAE the first country in the Middle East to use the largest foil strip of this kind on banknotes.

To enhance inclusivity, the Central Bank has included prominent symbols in braille to assist blind and visually impaired individuals in recognizing the banknote and determining its value.

The new AED500 banknote will enter circulation on Thursday, November 30. Banks and exchange houses have been instructed to ensure seamless acceptance of this new banknote alongside existing paper and polymer banknotes.

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