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Training for the Moon: Hazzaa AlMansoori Dives into Outer Space Simulation

Emirati astronaut Hazzaa AlMansoori recently participated in SEATEST-6 training, a simulation of outer space conditions aimed at testing and training astronauts. The training, which included activities like diving and simulating the lunar surface environment, was conducted alongside experienced NASA astronauts. Among them were Jonny Kim, Jenni Sidey-Gibbons, and Sunita Williams.

During such training, each participant plays a crucial role, with dive support teams playing an integral part. The exercises also involve testing equipment for spacewalks and other Extra-Vehicular Activity (EVA)-related tasks. These simulations provide valuable data on how lunar logistic operations might be conducted under programs like Artemis.

The ocean floor serves as a planetary analog for mimicking lunar surface conditions, allowing astronauts to experience reduced gravity and work with detailed replicas of spacesuits and spacecraft. Tasks include transferring payloads from a landing platform to the lunar surface using a crane and moving them into an airlock.

The data collected from these simulations is instrumental in addressing engineering and operational challenges that astronauts may encounter during future lunar missions. This rigorous training is essential in preparing for the complexities of space exploration.

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