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Swedish Prime Minister Calls for Military Assistance to Combat Rising Gang Violence

Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson has called upon the military to support the police in addressing the surge in gang-related violence, which claimed the lives of 12 people last month. The Swedish government announced its intention to authorize future military assistance to the police following discussions between Kristersson and the heads of both forces on strategies to combat violence from organized criminal gangs. The specific responsibilities the military will undertake are yet to be determined. Kristersson highlighted the unprecedented nature of the violence, not only in Sweden but also in Europe, emphasizing that the police alone cannot address the issue. According to the Swedish Police Authority, last year saw a record 62 fatalities due to gunfire, making it the deadliest year for shootings since data publication began in late 2016. September marked the second deadliest month for gun crime in Sweden’s history, with 11 fatalities, surpassed only by December 2019 when 12 people lost their lives to gun violence.

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