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RTA’s Vision: Empowering UAE Nationals with 200 Engineering and Scientific Job Prospects

Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) is embarking on a mission to empower UAE nationals with career opportunities by offering an impressive roster of 200 jobs across a wide array of engineering and scientific disciplines. This exclusive recruitment drive underscores the RTA’s commitment to nurturing local talent and building a robust workforce of skilled Emirati professionals.

Aspiring candidates have two avenues to explore these promising job prospects. They can conveniently register online, leveraging the RTA’s user-friendly digital platform. Alternatively, for those who prefer a more personal touch, face-to-face interviews are on offer at the much-anticipated ‘Ru’ya – Careers UAE Redefined 2023’ event. This dynamic event is scheduled to unfold from September 19 to 21 at the prestigious Dubai World Trade Centre, promising an atmosphere teeming with opportunities for networking, skill development, and career advancement.

With an impressive turnout of over 15,000 visitors anticipated, the ‘Ru’ya’ event is primed to be a thriving hub of talent and innovation. Job seekers can look forward to engaging with industry leaders, experts, and mentors who are eager to share their insights and guidance, making it an ideal platform for career growth.

The RTA’s primary objective in participating in this job fair is to attract Emirati graduates and professionals, creating a comprehensive database of highly skilled individuals poised to embrace new challenges and professional best practices. By harnessing the scientific expertise and professional acumen of experienced candidates, the RTA aims to elevate its services and contribute to the development of the transportation and engineering sectors in Dubai.

In summary, the RTA’s commitment to fostering local talent shines through in this exceptional recruitment drive. By offering 200 opportunities to UAE nationals, the RTA is not only providing career prospects but also facilitating the growth and innovation of the region’s engineering and scientific landscape. This event is a significant step towards a brighter, more promising future for both the RTA and the talented professionals it aims to attract.

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