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Omani Student Invents Automatic Fire-Extinguishing Robot with Remote Control

Khalid bin Mohammed Al Kamzari, a student at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Shinas, Oman, has achieved a remarkable feat by creating an automatic fire-extinguishing robot. Named the “Fire Robot,” this innovative creation is made from heat-insulating materials and is equipped with advanced sensors for detecting and combating fires. The robot utilizes carbon dioxide gas as an extinguishing agent and can effectively handle various types of fires. Notably, it can autonomously locate the source of a fire, eliminating the need for human intervention and ensuring the safety of firefighters. The Fire Robot also features a manual mode for operation via Bluetooth, providing versatility in firefighting scenarios.

Al Kamzari’s invention has undergone rigorous testing and development stages, demonstrating its ability to swiftly and accurately detect smoke and fires. The robot’s operational range extends up to 10 meters via Bluetooth control, and it can detect fires within a 50-centimeter radius. Additionally, the Fire Robot is equipped with multiple safety sensors, including those for gas, rain, collision, temperature, and humidity, enhancing its effectiveness and safety measures.

This groundbreaking innovation has garnered recognition both locally and internationally, with Al Kamzari showcasing his creation at various exhibitions and forums. His hope is that the Fire Robot will receive the necessary support and attention for potential market adoption. With its potential to safeguard lives and property across a wide range of settings, including homes, industries, oil refineries, and public spaces, the invention holds significant promise for fire safety applications.

By creating this advanced fire-extinguishing robot, Al Kamzari has demonstrated the potential for cutting-edge technology to revolutionize firefighting efforts, offering a valuable tool in emergency response and disaster management.

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