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Have you got an e-mail from Dubai police to pay traffic fines? warning issued By Officials

The Dubai Police has issued a new warning to the public regarding the rampant online fraud in Dubai. Dubai Police has asked the public to be vigilant in this warning notice.

Describing the scam, many UAE residents are said to be receiving e-mails from Dubai Police informing them that they have to pay fines and service charges and urging them to click on a link in the e-mail to pay the fee. It is said that the Dubai Police issued this notification based on receiving complaints in this regard.

Following this, the authorities have urged to handle such e-mails very carefully and to be vigilant. They also advised the public to verify the authenticity of any mails purporting to be from the Dubai Police.

Perhaps, if you receive such e-mails, do not click on any link or provide any personal or financial information such as your bank account number, Dubai Police said on its official Twitter account.

The scam consists of a notice from the Dubai Police asking for immediate payment of outstanding fines or service charges. Apart from that, a link is also provided. Note that this will lead users to a fraudulent website.

Therefore, the public has been advised to be aware of its authenticity and not to be fooled by such scams.

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