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Sharjah has warned car owners to release impounded vehicles in 4 days

Owners of vehicles impounded for traffic violations in Sharjah have been given a last chance of four days to retrieve them. Sharjah Municipality officials made the announcement on social media.

According to this notification, the inspection and control department in Sharjah Industrial Area 5 can be approached and the reasons for impoundment can be rectified and vehicles that have not been released for more than 6 months can be released.

Therefore, owners of vehicles, engines, motorcycles and bicycles impounded by Sharjah City Municipality who have not taken steps to release them for more than six months are advised to take advantage of these four days.

It should be noted that if this opportunity is missed, Sharjah Municipality will have to sell the impounded vehicles at public auction after four days starting from today July 24/7/2023.

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