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Emirati Artist Creates ‘Wheel of Knowledge’ to Celebrate Sharjah’s City of Knowledge Recognition

Emirati female aircraft engineer and artist, Suaad Al Shamsi, has crafted the ‘Wheel of Knowledge’ as a tribute to Sharjah’s acknowledgment as the City of Knowledge. This unique artwork intricately weaves Al Shamsi’s personal journey into the fabric of knowledge, utilizing an aircraft tire as the canvas, adorned with over 2,000 books donated by Al Mawaheb School.

Shaped like a wheel, the artwork symbolizes the perpetual journey of education, science, and knowledge. It pays homage to the importance of preparing future generations for a brilliant tomorrow. The stunning creation is on display at the Opportunity Pavilion.

The ‘Wheel of Knowledge’ is not just a celebration of Sharjah’s City of Knowledge status but also an embodiment of the UAE’s commitment to education and development. The artwork seamlessly merges education with actions for climate preservation.

The collaborative efforts of artists Rihab Saidan and Seham Alwazery have contributed to bringing this masterpiece to life. The artwork stands as a testament to the pivotal role of education in shaping the nation’s future and fostering a culture of knowledge and innovation.

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