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Dubai’s RTA Partners with Careem Bike to Offer Free Bikes for Dubai Ride Event

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai, in collaboration with Careem Bike, is providing free bikes to residents and visitors participating in the Dubai Ride cycling event. Bikes can be collected from designated Careem docking stations, and participants can also rent bikes from various stations across Dubai. Overtime fees for rides exceeding 45 minutes will be waived during the event. This initiative aims to make Dubai Ride more accessible to those without their own bikes and supports RTA’s efforts to promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle.

The collaboration between Dubai’s RTA and Careem Bike for the Dubai Ride event demonstrates a commitment to promoting a healthy and sustainable mode of transportation. By offering free bikes and waiving overtime fees, the initiative encourages broader participation in the event and promotes cycling as a viable means of transportation. Additionally, it aligns with Dubai’s vision of becoming a more bike-friendly city, which can have positive implications for public health and urban sustainability. This initiative serves as a noteworthy example of public-private cooperation to enhance the livability and accessibility of a city.

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