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A Cultural Oasis: Riyadh’s Al-Nahda Park Set to Undergo Extensive Revitalization.”

The Riyadh Municipality is set to transform the heart of the Saudi capital with the ambitious redevelopment of Al-Nahda Park, spanning 112,000 square meters. This initiative aligns with Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, aiming to enhance the quality of life by fostering entertainment, cultural, and social events. The project will be executed in two stages, focusing on both the southern and northern sections of the park. Noteworthy features include a health walkway, a versatile covered hall, waterfalls, a football field, an open club, and a children’s play area, along with facilities for renting bicycles. This redevelopment intends to seamlessly blend cultural heritage with modern design, cater to diverse age groups and interests, and further elevate Riyadh’s recreational landscape.

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