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Vintage Magazines Displayed at Sharjah International Book Fair Offer Glimpse into UAE’s Past

At the Sharjah International Book Fair, Egyptian foundation Dar Al Helal is showcasing a rare collection of vintage magazines dating back to the 1970s, providing a unique glimpse into the history of the UAE. The yellowed pages feature articles and pictures capturing the early days of Dubai and prominent figures of the time, offering a valuable record for history enthusiasts. The collection, valued for its rarity and publication year, ranges from children’s magazines dating back to 1929 to even older newspapers from Egypt, shedding light on Arab history and culture.

The exhibition of vintage magazines at the Sharjah International Book Fair by Dar Al Helal is a remarkable initiative to preserve and showcase the cultural and historical heritage of the UAE. These magazines serve as valuable artifacts that offer insights into the early days of Dubai and the broader Emirates, capturing a snapshot of the country’s development and its prominent figures. Such exhibitions not only celebrate the rich history of the region but also provide a unique educational experience for visitors, especially for younger generations who may not have had the opportunity to witness these moments firsthand.

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