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Saudi Falcons Club Auction Garners Over SAR 6 Million in Sales

The Saudi Falcons Club auction held at the club’s Malham headquarters near Riyadh has seen sales exceeding SAR 6 million ($1.6 million). The event, which began on October 1 and continues until November 15, aims to promote the nation’s falconry heritage and support related cultural and economic activities. The proceeds will be invested in falcons, with a focus on further auctions and facilitating the buying and selling processes. The event provides investment opportunities in a sector that has contributed significantly to the national economy.

The Saudi Falcons Club auction’s successful sales, surpassing SAR 6 million, reflect the enduring popularity and cultural significance of falconry in Saudi Arabia. This traditional pursuit not only has deep historical roots but also plays a role in the nation’s economy. The funds generated from the auction will be reinvested to support further activities in the falconry sector. This event not only serves as a platform for enthusiasts but also demonstrates the value and potential of cultural heritage in driving economic activities.

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