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UAE Space Agency Launches Geospatial Data Platform for Enhanced Agriculture Insights

In a significant move toward advancing agricultural practices, the UAE Space Agency has introduced a geospatial data platform set to provide farm owners in the UAE with detailed reports on soil quality. The platform incorporates an artificial intelligence (AI) model that harnesses satellite data, making it accessible to various researchers, startups, and research and development centers.

Sultan Al Zeidi, Senior Engineer for Space Projects Development at the UAE Space Agency, revealed that a pilot project centered on Abu Dhabi is already underway. Through the integration of AI, the satellite imagery will undergo analysis, generating performance reports that will be made available to farm owners through the Nabat platform.

Beyond delivering comprehensive farm reports, the Geospatial Data platform is designed to offer a range of services. Sultan highlighted its role as a one-stop-shop for satellite imagery, emphasizing the abundance of data provided by orbiting satellites on a daily basis. By leveraging AI computation capabilities, the platform aims to transform this raw satellite data into practical applications, products, and analytics reports, consolidating them into a user-friendly dashboard. This dashboard will present numerical data, factual insights about the planet, and other valuable information, making it accessible to the general public.

The initiative aligns with the UAE’s commitment to harnessing cutting-edge technology to enhance various sectors, particularly agriculture, by empowering farmers with data-driven insights that can optimize their cultivation practices and contribute to sustainable and efficient agriculture in the region.

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