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Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) Announces Service Hours and Changes for 52nd Union Day Holiday

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has issued a statement outlining the service hours and adjustments during the 52nd Union Day holiday. The changes apply to various services, including customer happiness centres, paid parking zones, public transportation, and vehicle technical inspection centres. The holiday period is from Saturday, December 2, to Monday, December 4, 2023. Here are the key details:

Public Parking:

  • Free public parking during the Union Day holiday, except for multi-level parking terminals.
  • Parking tariff resumes on Tuesday, December 5, 2023.

Service Providers Centres (Vehicle Testing):

  • Service Provider Centres closed during the holiday.
  • Vehicle technical inspection services resume on Monday, December 4, in specific centres.
  • Full services, including hall transactions, resume from Tuesday, December 5.

Customer Happiness Centers:

  • Customer happiness centres closed during the holiday.
  • Smart Customer Happiness Centres in specific locations operate around the clock.

Dubai Metro:

  • Red and Green Lines operating with adjusted hours from November 30 to December 12.
  • Operating hours include extended service on selected days.

Dubai Tram:

  • Operating with adjusted hours from November 30 to December 12
  • Different hours on weekdays and Sundays.

Public Buses (Dubai Bus):

  • Specific bus routes redirected on Sheikh Zayed Road from December 1 to December 3.
  • Expected delays and cancellations on affected routes.
  • Normal service on all other routes with synchronized metro link bus service.

Intercity Bus Routes:

  • Bus routes (E100) and (E102) redirected during specific dates.
  • Normal services on all other intercity bus routes.

Marine Transport:

  • Water Bus, Water Taxi, and Dubai Ferry services with adjusted hours and routes.
  • Abras operating with specific routes and hours.

    The RTA aims to ensure smooth mobility during the Union Day holiday while providing necessary adjustments to accommodate the public. The statement includes details about specific services and their operating hours, allowing residents and visitors to plan their travel accordingly.

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