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Residents of Central Park Tower Face Extended Water Shortage in DIFC Area

Residents of Central Park Residence Tower, located in Dubai’s bustling DIFC area, have been facing an acute water shortage for over 48 hours, causing significant inconvenience to the inhabitants. In a communication to residents, the building’s management expressed regret over the prolonged disruption and explained that the water supply remains unresolved due to unforeseen complications. The management team is working diligently to rectify the issue and has committed to providing an update at 12 PM.

In an effort to alleviate the situation, the management has advised residents to consider booking accommodation at a nearby hotel to Central Park Towers. They have also requested that residents to submit their hotel bills to Three Sixty management on the P2 level for reimbursement.

Residents, understandably concerned about when normal water supplies will resume, sought clarification from customer care representatives. Reassuringly, the representative stated that the necessary contractors have been swiftly mobilized and are currently mustering their resources to resolve the problem with the utmost urgency.

Importantly, residents were advised that there is no immediate need to book a hotel room for the night as the management is actively working towards restoring water supply at the earliest. The residents are eagerly anticipating the swift resolution of this predicament so they can resume their normal routines without further disruption.

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