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Northern Governorate Implements Strict Measures to Combat Indiscriminate Waste Disposal

The Northern Municipality has taken a firm stance against the rampant issue of random waste disposal in public spaces and residential neighborhoods. In an effort to combat this problem, individuals caught throwing waste indiscriminately will now face hefty fines of up to BD300.

The increasing urban development in the Northern Governorate has led to a surge in construction activities, consequently resulting in a significant rise in construction waste. This waste, if not properly managed, poses a substantial challenge for municipal authorities.

The governorate has witnessed a considerable number of building permits issued for private housing, paralleled by the dumping of massive quantities of construction rubble in open areas.

Cleaning campaign

To address this pressing issue, the municipality launched an extensive cleaning campaign in the Hamala area as part of its waste removal plan. The campaign successfully removed 18 shipments of construction waste and rubble from the region.

This initiative aims to eliminate construction waste littered across open spaces, instill a sense of responsibility among the residents, and raise awareness about the proper disposal of construction waste.

Engineer Lamia Al-Fadala, the Director General of the Northern Region Municipality, emphasised the importance of adhering to Public Cleanliness Law No. 10 of 2019. She urged the public not to engage in random waste disposal, especially when it comes to construction debris. Instead, she emphasised the need to follow the guidelines set forth by the law.

Global issue

Speaking to The Daily Tribune, Kai Mieting, a wastrepreneur and environmental advocate, said, “Illegal waste dumping is a general issue worldwide, and usually it is not the residents dumping trash near their homes as they like to keep their area and neighbourhood clean.” It is the careless humans who try to get rid of unwanted trash for free and dump it away from their homes on private plots.”

He further added, “In Germany, there are waste police who are investigating who illegally disposed of it. Once the person is caught, a fine and rectification or proper disposal are enforced in that way people can learn from their mistake. This can be implemented in Bahrain as well; it will create new jobs and awareness within the local society.”

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