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Heavy price hike echoes: The woman who brought 10 kg of tomatoes on the flight from Dubai to Mumbai

There was an incident where a woman brought 10 kg of tomatoes on a flight from Dubai to Mumbai due to high prices.

Tomatoes occupy an important place in the diet of Indians. Recently, the price of tomatoes has been increasing in various cities of India including Mumbai. Due to this, the public has suffered a lot. Tomatoes have been forced to use less for cooking. Summer holidays are currently open for universities, colleges and schools in the UAE. Due to this, many people are going to their native towns.

Rave, a Marathi woman living in Dubai, asked her mother that she was going to town and what things she should buy. His mother asked him to bring 10 kg of tomatoes as tomatoes are expensive in India. Accepting his mother’s request, Rave bought 10 kg of tomatoes from a vegetable shop in Dubai. Then he packed the tomatoes safely in a cardboard box. Then she brought tomatoes to Mumbai by plane.

In Dubai, a kilo of tomato is sold at an average price of Rs.50. Rave’s sister posted this information on Twitter. In a press release issued by the Indian Embassy, there are some restrictions on the transportation of fruits, vegetables and their seeds from the UAE to India. It has been said that the public should act accordingly.

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