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Dubai Municipality Unveils Ambitious Plan to Enhance Community Labourer Markets

A Comprehensive Development Initiative Aims to Elevate Living Standards and Provide Integrated Services

In a significant stride towards social responsibility, Dubai Municipality has revealed a comprehensive development plan for community labourer markets in various industrial zones. The initiative includes the establishment of two new markets, covering substantial areas in Al Quoz 3 and Muhaisanah 2, along with the renovation of the Al Quoz 4 market. The goal is to enhance the quality of life for labourers by providing integrated services and ensuring top-notch standards.

The development plan aims to create inclusive shopping spaces, encompassing a wide range of essential facilities such as ready-to-eat food vendors, vegetable and fruit shops, meat and fish stalls, consumer outlets, clothing stores, barbershops, sewing centers, and ticket counters. These markets will offer products at prices within the financial means of workers while meeting all health, safety, and food safety regulations set by Dubai Municipality.

Moreover, Dubai Municipality, in partnership with Dubai Police, will oversee the organization of recreational, social, and sporting events within these markets, transforming them into vibrant recreational hubs for labourers. The collaboration with local companies and institutions in both the public and private sectors will encourage community participation through various activities, further enhancing the overall well-being of the labour force.

In 2022, Dubai Municipality and Dubai Police jointly inaugurated the first licensed formal market in a labour zone in the Al Quoz area. This regulated market prioritizes consumer and public health by eliminating unlicensed and unregulated practices commonly found in informal markets.

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