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Dubai Mall Plans to Introduce Ticketless, Barrier-Free Parking with Salik in 2024: Here’s What We Know

The project's fees and other operational guidelines are still pending final determination

In a strategic move to expand its revenue streams, Salik, the renowned Dubai toll-gate operator, has inked a groundbreaking deal with Emaar Malls to introduce a state-of-the-art parking management system at The Dubai Mall. The initiative, slated to go live by Q3-2024, is poised to redefine the parking experience for visitors, offering a seamless and efficient process.

Salik’s advanced technology is set to deliver a barrier-free parking experience, incorporating automatic fee collection for ticketless parking. Leveraging vehicle plate recognition, the system will deduct fees directly from Salik user accounts, adhering to business rules outlined by Emaar Malls. This groundbreaking innovation aims to eliminate the need for traditional payment collection kiosks and machines, streamlining the overall customer journey.

Ibrahim Sultan Al Haddad, the CEO of Salik Company, underscored the project’s significance in the company’s strategy to provide sustainable and smart mobility solutions. He emphasized the objective of diversifying into complementary revenue streams, harnessing Salik’s expertise to elevate the parking experience at The Dubai Mall.

“The solution eliminates the need for gates or barriers at Dubai Mall, helping to minimize congestion and traffic for the customers,” stated Al Haddad. Salik will spearhead the design, financing, development, installation, and management of the parking system at the mall.

The Emaar Malls partnership is part of Salik’s broader strategy to explore new growth avenues beyond toll-gates. The insights gained from The Dubai Mall project are expected to serve as a blueprint for potentially expanding similar solutions to other destinations in the city.

The Dubai Mall, a premier shopping and leisure destination, currently boasts five parking zones with over 13,000 retail parking spaces. The initial implementation of the Salik parking management solution will cover specific zones, excluding areas like Zabeel and Fountain View parking.

The operational process of the system involves capturing the plate number upon entry, processing the image to recognize the plate number and record entry time. Upon exit, the system scans the plate number again, records elapsed time, calculates the parking fee based on predefined rules, associates the plate number with the Salik account, and deducts the corresponding fee.

While the primary focus is on The Dubai Mall, Al Haddad highlighted that the business model allows for potential expansion to other malls based on success and demand. The emphasis is on reducing congestion, enhancing efficiency, and providing a barrierless entry/exit experience.

Salik’s venture into parking management aligns with its commitment to advancing smart mobility solutions and marks a strategic step toward creating innovative revenue streams beyond traditional toll-gate operations. This initiative is poised to set a new benchmark in enhancing customer experiences and streamlining urban mobility at one of the world’s iconic shopping destinations.

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