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University of Technology and Applied Sciences Nizwa Branch Dominates UNIDO Packaging Competition

Female students from the University of Technology and Applied Sciences, Nizwa branch, have achieved top honors in an international packaging competition held in Lebanon. The contest, organized by the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in collaboration with the Lebanese Center for Packaging (LibanPack), saw the participation of 602 projects from university students across Arab countries.

The winning students from the Nizwa branch stood out in various packaging categories, including visual packaging, structural packaging, and food preservation. Their designs aimed to improve brand identity, propose innovative structural packaging solutions, and enhance food preservation techniques.

This victory reflects the dedication of the Nizwa branch in nurturing young talent in the field of graphic design and product packaging. The university has been actively participating in this competition since 2017, consistently securing high positions at the Arab level.

The winning students have not only demonstrated creativity and innovation in packaging design but are also encouraged to present their ideas to local companies for potential application. Additionally, the university is planning to organize field visits to packaging facilities, providing students with practical insights into the packaging production process.

Each student’s design concept was driven by a unique approach. For instance, one student focused on creating a visually appealing and functional packaging for sweets, while another drew inspiration from the natural landscape of Dhofar Governorate for a coconut product’s packaging. Another student introduced an innovative packaging for camel milk, filling a gap in the market.

Overall, the students’ achievements underscore their commitment to driving innovation and contributing to the development of packaging solutions that cater to various consumer needs and preferences.

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