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Sharjah Police Announces Closure of Al Faya Dunes Following Fatal Off-Roading Accident

In response to a tragic off-roading incident resulting in the loss of an Asian youth’s life and injury to another individual in the Al Faya desert, the Sharjah Police have officially closed the Al Faya dunes area in the emirate’s central region. The decision aims to prioritize the safety and security of the community, addressing the lack of compliance with security rules and guidelines related to off-roading activities.

The closure comes after the General Command of Sharjah Police observed an increase in illegal off-roading practices in the area, posing a significant risk to motorists and their accompanying families or individuals. Major General Saif Al Zari Al Shamsi, Commander-in-Chief of Sharjah Police, highlighted the need to address these dangerous practices, stating, “Many members of the public go to desert areas during the holidays to enjoy the rainy weather, and among them are young people who enjoy riding sand hills, who engage in wrong practices in these areas, which leads to many accidents and puts their lives and the lives of others at risk.”

Sharjah Police has been actively conducting awareness campaigns to deter unauthorized and reckless driving, particularly during holidays when many people visit the desert for recreational purposes. The closure serves as a stern warning to vehicle owners engaged in such activities, urging strict adherence to laws. Community members are encouraged to report any observed dangerous behaviors promptly by calling the emergency number (999).

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