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Heavy rain 3 Emirates, may rain today too, NCM has issued a warning..!!

The UAE has been experiencing intermittent summer rains for the past few days. In this case, heavy rain has fallen in the three emirates of the Emirates yesterday and Saturday afternoon. According to the notification issued by the National Center of Meteorology (NCM), rain was reported in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras Al Khaimah and Fujairah yesterday.

In particular, Al Ain, Abu Dhabi has received heavy rains. As a result, orange and yellow warnings have been issued there. Therefore, the NCM has advised residents to stay safe from inclement weather and follow the advice of the authorities.

In this case, NCM has released a video of the rain on Saturday on its social media page. In the video, vehicles can be seen on roads in Al Ain’s Umm Kafa area amid heavy rain and strong winds.

Apart from that, the Wadi Al Helo Valley, a popular tourist spot in Sharjah, is flooded with water due to heavy rains yesterday. Also there was hail in Fujairah. Footage of residents picking up ice that fell on Sheikh Khalifa Street has also been shared on social media.

Already, with heavy rain forecast for Saturday, officials at the National Weather Service have advised the public to be cautious and stay away from areas prone to flash flooding.

Also, according to NCM’s forecast, rains will continue in the UAE for the coming days and today Sunday (August 20), convective clouds may produce rain in the eastern and southern regions.

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