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Dubai’s RTA Unveils Updated Strategic Plan for 2024–2030 Focused on Integrated Mobility and Sustainability

The Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai has revealed its strategic plan for the 2024–2030 period, aligning with key urban and government directives. The plan aims to enhance the city’s economy, resident well-being, and mobility systems. Aligned with Dubai Urban Plan 2040 and Dubai Government Directives, the plan emphasizes integrated and innovative mobility, aiming to create a 20-minute city where 80% of daily services are accessible within a 20-minute walking or cycling journey.

Integrated and Innovative Mobility:

    • Develop roads and transport systems supporting a 20-minute city.
    • Improve accessibility and integration of multi-modal transport.
    • Expand current and future mobility services.
    • Implement smart mobility solutions, including self-driving vehicles.

Future Proof Organisation:

    • Attract, retain, and develop talents aligned with future demands.
    • Establish effective partnership structures.
    • Enhance capabilities in research and development (R&D) and innovation.
    • Transform into a leading data-based entity.
    • Develop a flexible technological infrastructure.


    • Implement the ‘Zero-Emissions Public Transportation in Dubai 2050’ strategy.
    • Convert 100% of taxis and limousines to electric and hydrogen vehicles by 2040.
    • Convert the entire fleet of public transport buses to electric and hydrogen by 2050.
    • Target 42.5% transportation on sustainable means by 2030.

Safety and Security:

    • Promote transportation safety.
    • Secure assets.
    • Enhance corporate security.
    • Improve occupational health.

Customer Happiness:

    • Develop capabilities to understand customer needs and trends.
    • Proactively create tailored innovative services.
    • Guide and motivate customer behavior for intended benefits.

The RTA’s strategic plan reflects a commitment to shaping Dubai’s future mobility landscape, focusing on innovation, sustainability, and customer satisfaction. It includes initiatives such as self-driving vehicles, sustainability targets, and a comprehensive approach to enhance the overall transportation experience.

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