Argentine Actress Silvina Luna Passes Away After Botched Surgery Complications”

Nearly three months after being hospitalized for renal issues related to a botched plastic operation nine years ago, Silvina Luna, an Argentine actress and former model, passed away.The 43-year-old passed away at the Hospital Italiano on August 31.

Her friend, actor Gustavo Conti, sent a message on Instagram that said, “We’ve always loved you, we’ll always love you, we’ve traveled the same paths, and we’re always together in my heart because you are my chosen family.”Burlando continued by describing the devastating loss as “an ending that aches, hurts”.

The Buenos Aires Times said that Luna’s health problems were brought on by the hazardous material that was applied to her body nine years ago by Anibal Lotocki, a surgeon who is currently being investigated for misconduct.

According to the story, the former TV host required three four-hour dialysis sessions a week in order to remain alive. After deteriorating in condition and requiring a kidney transplant, Luna was admitted to the hospital on June 13.

Luna was “breathing on her own, with kinesiological, nutritional, and psychological rehabilitation,” the hospital announced in a statement on August 19, the story said.

The hospital later reported that she had a bacterial infection and had been intubated on August 30. With her family’s consent, she was then removed off life support.

The actor had weekly dialysis sessions until a kidney donor became available after receiving initial treatment for kidney stones in 2015.

Luna saw Argentinean physician Cristian Perez in 2016, who removed the harmful material from her buttocks. He said in an interview with C5N television that “[Luna] Silvina got an autoimmune condition as a result of the drugs as a result of her surgery. All sufferers get severe renal failure and pass away.

Dr. Lotocki, who operated on Luna, has been accused of causing the death of a patient in 2010. He gave Luna an injection of a liquid containing polymethylmethacrylate, which is prohibited in Argentina by the country’s national drug, food, and medical technology administration.

The actress’s death is the subject of an investigation by the Buenos Aires Attorney General’s Office, which also mandated that her remains be sent to a municipal morgue for an autopsy.

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