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US House Passes Resolution Asserting Opposition to Nuclear-Armed Iran

In a recent development, the US House of Representatives passed a resolution indicating a willingness to employ force against Iran in order to prevent the acquisition of nuclear weapons. The resolution, passed by a vote of 354-53, stated that a nuclear-armed Iran is deemed “unacceptable,” and affirmed the US policy to “use all means necessary to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.”

While the resolution points to Iran’s uranium enrichment at 60% and its enriched uranium stockpiles, experts emphasize that to produce a nuclear weapon, uranium must be enriched at 90%. There is currently no indication that Iran is moving in this direction.

Despite a recent US intelligence report affirming that Iran is not actively pursuing nuclear weapons, proponents of the resolution continue to emphasize the perceived threat of a non-existent Iranian nuclear weapons program. Notably, these same officials do not formally acknowledge Israel’s possession of a nuclear arsenal.

Representative Thomas Massie, who opposed the resolution, expressed concerns that it could be interpreted as a call for war against Iran. He highlighted the resolution’s assertion that the US should use all necessary means to prevent Iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon.

The final resolution also underscored support for the actions of partners and allies, including Israel, in preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear capabilities.

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