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US Dispatches Navy Warships and Aircraft Carrier in Support of Israel

In a show of support, the US military is deploying navy warships and an aircraft carrier to waters off Israel, according to sources familiar with the planning. While movements are expected to commence immediately, it will take several days for all assets to be in position.

Reports from Israel’s Ben Gurion international airport depict long lines of Israelis and tourists seeking to leave the country amid escalating tensions following a major attack by Hamas and Islamic Jihad militants in Gaza over the weekend. The upcoming days are anticipated to witness an exodus of tens of thousands of tourists and foreign residents, including dual Israeli nationals seeking refuge abroad.

Furthermore, there are considerations for a potential non-combatant evacuation plan to assist Americans in exiting Israel safely. While no final decisions have been made, options under review include the possibility of transporting some Americans aboard Navy ships to ensure their security.

President Biden has already voiced unwavering support for Prime Minister Netanyahu as Israel embarks on what could become one of the most significant conflicts in the region in decades. Given the reported involvement of Americans among the casualties and hostages in the aftermath of the Hamas raid in southern Israel, there is a potential for direct US military engagement if the situation escalates further.

Israeli airstrikes persist in causing extensive damage in Gaza City, indicating the commencement of a sustained campaign, possibly leading to a ground incursion aimed at rescuing hostages.

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