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Umrah Insurance Benefits for Pilgrims from Abroad

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah pointed out that the benefits of Umrah insurance policy for pilgrims from abroad include 4 cases of coverage up to SR100,000.

The ministry pointed out that the Umrah insurance policy is a mandatory document for all pilgrims from outside Saudi Arabia, which is included in the visa fee and provides comprehensive protection to its holder.

In terms of its coverage, it covers 4 cases which include emergency health cases, emergency COVID-19 injuries, general accidents and deaths, cancellation or delay of departing flights.

The ministry confirmed that the benefits of the compulsory Umrah insurance policy for pilgrims from outside the Kingdom will be up to SR100,000.

The Ministry invites all those with further inquiries to contact Rahman’s comprehensive insurance plan for guests through the communication channels at Local Tel: 8004400008 — International Tel: 00966138129700 — or via the website

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